4 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Routine Lawn Care

4 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Routine Lawn CareHere at Turf Shield, we offer customized lawn treatment programs that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers’ lawns, with a whole array of lawn care services ranging from simple lawn treatment to aeration, over-seeding, and even fire ant control.  However, keeping any lawn looking its best can often be a full time job.  Even though we can offer the best advice and support available, there are still a number of routine lawn care duties that remain the responsibility of the homeowner.  Unfortunately, even routine tasks like regular watering and mowing can be both expensive and time-consuming.  Here are four great tips for saving time and money on routine lawn care:

Plan Ahead

If you are starting from scratch and have a chance to plant a lawn yourself, look for a slow-growth, drought-resistant grass species that can save you water, fertilizer, and time in the long run. In the southeastern part of the United States, this is usually a Zoysia (if you get a lot of sun) but we have several experts who can answer your questions and help you find the specific species that are right for your climate, soil, and lifestyle.

Water Wisely

An established lawn needs about 1 to 1.5  inches of water per week in the growing season, and although it may seem sensible to give the lawn a little bit each day, that is actually not the case.  Light, daily watering encourages shallow root systems, so instead try to water thoroughly only once or twice every week.  Watering is most effective if it is done in the early morning or late evening, when evaporation rates are low and more water can be absorbed into the soil.  Finally, don’t be afraid to let the grass turn a little brown during dry spells, as most species can easily go as long as a month without water.

Don’t Bag – Mulch

Grass clippings created while mowing your lawn are a free source of slow-release fertilizer, so let the mower discharge the clippings back onto your grass rather than bagging them.  Not only does this save on total mowing time, but it also can cut fertilizer costs by up to thirty percent.  The only time that you may need to bag your lawn clippings is when your lawn is having a disease breakout, which is often signaled by irregular brown patches or rings in the lawn.

Maintain Your Mower

Sharp lawn-mower blades cut cleaner and faster, which means you can achieve a better looking lawn with less time and effort.  Moreover, when the blades on your lawn mower are dull they can stress the grass, making it more susceptible to disease.  We recommend sharpening and balancing your mower blades 1 to 2 times over the course of the growing season.  When this simple practice is combined with some basic engine maintenance it can reduce your fuel costs by as much as twenty-five percent.

The best looking, longest-lasting lawns are the result of a strong team effort where we have an opportunity to work closely with the homeowner to achieve the best possible results.  If you are interested in any of the services we offer, including lawn treatment, tree and shrub maintenance, aeration and over seeding, or fire ant control, please contact Turf Shield to get more information.  Don’t forget to follow Turf Shield on Twitter or Facebook to get all the latest updates and lawn care tips.

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