Frequently Asked Lawn Treatment Questions

I know I need a lawn treatment service. I just don’t know why. Can you explain?

A professional lawn program provides the nutrients and protection your lawn requires, but may not be able to get from mother nature alone. Proper treatments are necessary to build and sustain the best environment and soil for your lawn to thrive, at the same time providing a barrier to weeds which would otherwise fight for the same nutrients your grass needs to grow.

Do the results happen right away or does it take time?

While some results may be noticeable in the span of just a few days, maintaining a healthy lawn year-round takes time and patience. As an initial step in our process, we will assess the current condition of your lawn, so that we can build a specific program based on both short and long-term results.

If it rains right after a treatment, does it need to be done again?

Most treatments are actually more effective when watered, because they are more easily absorbed by the soil and organic matter. Rain is often just what your lawn needs after a treatment has been applied!

Do I need to be home when the lawn treatment service takes place?

We welcome our customers to be a part of the services we provide, so we can better educate you on how to pair our services with your own ongoing mowing, watering, maintenance and landscaping plans.