Lawn Watering Tips for Georgia Winters

Lawn Watering Tips for Georgia WintersWinter is fast approaching, and for a homeowner, it can be bittersweet. On the one hand, seeing a brown, dormant lawn can feel like a let-down after all the work you put in to make it green all summer. But on the other hand, grass is a bit more low-maintenance in the winter, which is a perk for busy families. Still, a lawn can’t stay healthy if it’s completely neglected over the winter, and one often overlooked job is watering your lawn.

There is a common misconception that dormant grass doesn’t need to be watered, but this isn’t entirely true. These winter lawn watering tips from our experts at Turf Shield can keep your lawn strong:

  • Your lawn doesn’t need as much water during the winter as it does during the summer. Too many homeowners forget to change their automatic sprinklers after the summer, and this can quickly overwater a winter lawn. To keep track of the seasonal changes you need to make, follow Turf Shield on Facebook and other social media sites for timely lawn care tips. It’s also helpful to set a reminder on your calendar to adjust your sprinkler settings every season.
  • As a rule, your lawn needs 1 inch of water every week. If you aren’t getting enough precipitation naturally, you do need to water your lawn to make up the difference.
  • When you water your lawn, only do it once per week (twice maximum).
  • Water your grass early in the morning so that you don’t have sitting water overnight. This could lead to the need to treat lawn diseases, mildew, and fungus.
  • Keep a close watch on the amount of precipitation your grass is getting. A simple rain gauge will suffice, but you can also see how saturated your lawn is by testing how far you can easily push an 8-inch screwdriver into the soil. You want to be able to push it down 6 inches without too much force.
  • When you’re watching your precipitation, remember that snow is a form of water and that it will water your lawn when it melts.

Whatever weather the winter has in store for us, you can keep your grass healthy and well-watered so it will spring back up into a green and luscious lawn in the spring. But watering is only one part of this process. For professional lawn care services, contact Turf Shield today.

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