How to Repair Your Lawn after an Outdoor Party

How to Repair Your Lawn after an Outdoor PartyOne of the reasons homeowners want a large, beautiful, lush lawn is so they can use it as a place to spend time with their family and friends. For the past several months, that’s taken the form of backyard barbecues and parties to celebrate graduations, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and more. Unfortunately, all that extra traffic can leave your grass compacted, browned, and thin—or it can even leave the occasional “bald” spot. Our lawn care professionals at Turf Shield are here to offer a few tips to whip your lawn back into shape.

  1. Determine whether the damage is just cosmetic.

In some cases, the weight may have just flattened the blades of grass but the roots have stayed intact, which means your grass is still healthy—it’s just the “flattened” appearance that needs to be corrected. Try lightly raking the area to help the trampled grass stand back up.

  1. Give your grass time to heal.

Try blocking off the affected area to keep kids and pets away for a while, giving the grass time to recover.

  1. Use the right products to stimulate growth.

For areas which are looking thin or lifeless, certain lawn care treatments and products can help. While most homeowners would use a common nitrogen fertilizer, it’s not typically the best option in this case, because what your grass likely needs is thicker roots, which isn’t what nitrogen fertilizers focus on. Instead, use a product which contains humic acid, cytokinins, auxins, indoles, or gibberlins.

  1. Re-seeding may be necessary for “bald spots.”

For patches of grass which have become not just thin but essentially bare, your best option is probably to reseed the area. This can also be done for the entire lawn if necessary, and our professionals can help you select a type of grass which will flourish in your unique environmental conditions while also being more resistant to damage in the future.

  1. Take steps to prevent future damage.

Hindsight is 20/20, but there are ways you can prepare before your next outdoor party to minimize future lawn damage:

  • Do some landscaping and put in a designated “social area,” like a patio or even just an area of mulch.
  • Take advantage of our regular lawn care treatment packages to keep your lawn healthy so it has a firm foundation by party-time.
  • Put up barriers like rope fences to restrict the traffic to a certain area—perhaps you could keep partygoers in an area that’s due for re-seeding anyway, or one which you know to be healthy enough to withstand the traffic.
  • If the event will span multiple days, try using barriers to restrict traffic to different areas each day.
  • Aerate your lawn in advance and rake in finely sifted compost
  • Don’t mow your grass too short before the party, so you can keep a little extra cushion in place.
  • Adjust your watering schedule as needed to make sure the grass is sufficiently dry before the event, otherwise you may have a muddy mess on your hands.

Despite the old adage, there are times when you can have your cake and eat it too, and this is one of them: you can enjoy your beautiful lawn without destroying it in the process. It just takes some planning, preparation, and consistent care. To discuss your lawn care needs, call the professionals at Turf Shield.