Spring is A Vital Time for Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Spring is A Vital Time for Lawn and Garden MaintenanceTaking care of a lawn or garden can be a year-round job.  From raking and pruning in the fall to watering and mowing in the summer, each season requires different yard maintenance tasks and attention to different details.  However, arguably the most pivotal time for yard maintenance is in the early spring, right when the weather is beginning to warm up and warm season grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda are coming out of their winter dormancy.  Specifically, early spring is the time for two absolutely vital lawn and garden care activities: pre-emergent weed control and soil aeration.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Weeds often prove to be one of the most frustrating things about maintaining a yard.  Not only are they unsightly and force us to mow our lawns more often, but they are also extremely difficult to get rid of once they are established.  One of the best ways to avoid the problem is to prevent weeds and other undesirable plants from ever taking root to begin with.  The process of pre-emergent weed control utilizes specifically-targeted herbicides to kill the weeds at the earliest stages of growth, before they have even emerged from the ground.  This can even have long-term benefits, since weed seeds can remain viable for years, just waiting for a chance to pop up, and pre-emergent weed control breaks the cycle of constant regrowth.  Although applying the weed killer to your lawn is less labor intensive than pulling up established weeds by their roots one-by-one, it is still best to have this treatment done by the lawn care professionals at Turf Shield.  Some products, if used incorrectly, can do more harm than good and the precise timing or their application can be critical.  Using a chemical that targets the wrong kinds of weeds or stunts your new grass’ growth can end up causing you even more money in the long run.

Early Season Soil Aeration

When excessive foot traffic or the weight of heavy equipment causes soil to become overly compacted, it can prevent the proper circulation of air, water and nutrients.  Over the fall and winter lawn thatch and heavy organic debris can accumulate on the soil surface, starving the roots of essential elements.  Aeration lawn treatments basically involve using one of several different mechanical devices to perforate the soil with small holes, allowing the air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.  This helps the roots grow deeply and helps produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.  Again, timing is critical and will depend on the specific type of grass you have.  Our lawn care specialists can help you determine a specific schedule for lawn care treatment packages that will give you optimal results.

Lawn and garden maintenance can be a lot of work, but a healthy lawn can provide your family a safe and beautiful place to play, while providing the perfect natural frame for your home and life.  If you have any questions about any of your landscaping needs, or about any of the customized lawn care treatment packages that we provide, please contact Turf Shield to get more information.  Don’t forget to follow Turf Shield on Facebook  or Twitter to get all the latest updates and lawn care tips.