Essential Fall Lawn Care Tips

Essential Fall Lawn Care TipsThe seasons are changing and autumn is nearly upon us. With summer all but gone and the end of the year rapidly approaching you’re probably not spending much time thinking about your lawn. However, fall is the perfect time to think about your lawn and prepare it for next year due to the mild conditions.

Fall is the time of year when your grass is absorbing energy, moisture and nutrients in preparation for a long, cold winter. Taking a few simple precautions now can pay off big time when next spring comes along in order for your lawn to look lush and green. We’ve provided some tips below on the lawn treatments and services that can help you maintain a healthy lawn through the fall and into the blustery winter months:


The first step to preserving your lawn through the fall is to keep on mowing as if it was the spring. We also recommend lowering the height of your mower. Cutting your lawn slightly shorter in autumn can help prevent grass from matting down under the falling leaves. Lastly, consider using a mower with mulch features to spray grass clippings onto your yard. This can add nitrogen to the lawn.


We’ve already schooled you on the importance of aeration year-round and the fall is no exception. Aeration will allow oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass and be stored through the winter.


Fertilizing your lawn in the fall, the time when your grass devotes most of its energy towards its roots, is definitely recommended. Grass itself grows much more slowly as the seasons change, but the grass roots continue to grow at their normal rate. Fertilizing in the fall can help deliver essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring.

Controlling Weeds

Weeds can grow out of control in the fall if you’re not paying attention. Weeds within your grass use the fall as a time to absorb energy and nutrients. They’re drinking in everything that comes their way, which makes them vulnerable to herbicide weed killers. Applying an herbicide now can rid your lawn of weeds through the fall and keep them away as spring rolls back around.

If you don’t feel comfortable aerating, fertilizing or maintaining your lawn, you should consider hiring a lawn care service provider. As always, you can contact the pros at Turf Shield with all of your lawn care needs. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ for additional tips, stories & developments in the world of lawn maintenance.