Tips for Saving Water During Your Lawn Care

Tips for Saving Water During Your Lawn CareWater conservation is one of the many factors to consider for people trying to maintain a healthy, green lawn. This is especially true for those in hotter, dryer parts of the country whose yards may be subject to drought conditions. While saving water and tending to your grass may seem like a difficult juggling act, there are a number of simple actions homeowners can take in the yard to help save water and money. Check out the following tips from our lawn care experts on how you can keep your lawn healthy and hydrated while using less water.

Water Earlier in the Day

The first step in water conservation is making sure to water your grass early, deeply, and less frequently. By watering your lawn deeply, you will have a better chance to wet the entire root zone and encourage deeper root growth, which will help your grass tolerate mild to moderate drought conditions. In order to get this result, we recommend watering your lawn early in the morning (as early as 5 am) to help give the lawn enough time to absorb the moisture and avoid evaporation due to daytime heat.

Keep Your Mower Blades High & Sharp

Next, try raising the blades on your lawn mower anywhere between 25%-50%. If your lawn is cut too short, this can prevent the grass from effectively storing water that it needs to survive. Meaning, your lawn will inevitably need to be watered more frequently. It’s also important to keep the mower blades sharp by sharpening them about once a month. Duller blades will tear at the grass instead of cutting it cleanly, leading to the grass needing more water to effectively recover.

Make Sure to Aerate

Lastly, we highly recommend aerating your lawn. Aerating, or creating small holes in the soil, can help improve the flow of water reach the roots of your lawn. It works by loosening compacted soil. Once the soil is more loose, water and nutrients will have an easier time reaching the soil beneath the grass, where they can do the most good.

Don’t forget to follow Turf Shield on Twitter or Facebook for additional lawn care lawn care tips, news, and more. As you can see, these suggestions are minor alterations to your lawn care routine, not complete overhauls. However, these simple changes can go a very long way towards helping you cut back on your water usage and promoting the lush, green yard that you are striving for. If you have any questions or if you would like to speak with one of our lawn care professionals, please contact Turf Shield today.