Keeping Kids and Pets Safe During a Lawn Care Treatment

Keeping Kids and Pets Safe During a Lawn Care TreatmentA lush, beautiful lawn can be a great space for a family to enjoy, connect with each other, and take a break from the day-to-day. But certain lawn care treatments like pesticide or fertilizer application need to be handled with care, so be sure to follow the directions on the label precisely to ensure they are used properly and safely. This doesn’t mean you can’t reap their benefits – it simply means you need to exercise caution, and the tips below can help.

Follow instructions. Every chemical is different and has its own guidelines in terms of how long you should keep your family off the lawn after it has been applied. The most common recommendation is 24 hours, but our team at Turf Shield can provide you with more detailed instructions based on your specific needs.

Start by talking to us about your options. Various lawn treatments may seem like they have the same goal, but they may be better suited to particular types of grass, environments, uses, etc. This is one reason homeowners are typically happier if they hire a professional to do the job right the first time, rather than treating the lawn themselves and not knowing what type of products to use or when to administer them.

Before the treatment, clear away any outside objects. Toys, lawn furniture, and other items can be accidentally sprayed or can have the chemicals transferred by contact or even by the wind, so bring these items inside before the treatment begins.

Steer clear of pavements. Just as with outdoor objects, pavements can come into contact with the pesticides as well, particularly when a homeowner is doing their own yard work. This can lead to dangerous contact with pets or children, and the chemicals can also be swept into the water supply by rain, so it’s best to work with a professional who understands their equipment and can be more precise.

Wipe everyone’s paws and shoes when they come inside. This is only necessary during the first few days after your lawn treatment, but it can be an important way to keep the products from being tracked inside (even if the pets and kids haven’t been on the grass) in case they did land on the pavement.

Put up signs about the recent treatment. This serves two purposes: first, it alerts neighbors and passersby to keep their pets and children from stepping onto your lawn, and second, if you have kids, it can serve as a reminder to them in case they’ve forgotten to stay off the grass.

Having a healthy lawn typically requires more than simply a regular mowing, and while the idea of chemicals or pesticides is nerve-wracking to some homeowners, rest assured that we only use EPA-approved products which are safe when used correctly and when the proper precautions are taken. This means you can enjoy a happy lawn while still providing a safe environment for your family. To start discussing a plan for your lawn, schedule a consultation with Turf Shield.