Push Mowers vs. Riding Mowers: Which is Right for You?

Push Mowers vs. Riding Mowers Which is Right for YouA lawn mower is arguably the most essential tool required for any lawn maintenance. Any lawn mower can help you cut your grass evenly and prevent it from growing out of control, but certain types of mowers make more sense depending on the type of lawn you’re trying to take care of. We have provided a simple list of pros and cons of both manual push mowers and riding mowers to help give you a better understanding of which type of mower will best suit your lawn care needs.

Push Mower Pros:

  • Generally less expensive than riding mowers
  • Perfect for handling smaller lawns
  • Can get in and out of tight corners and other areas for fine trimming that riding mowers cannot achieve
  • Requires less fuel and cheaper maintenance

Push Mower Cons:

  • Can make mowing larger lawns arduous
  • Small bag for grass clippings mean frequent stops for emptying
  • Far more labor intensive and physically demanding

Riding Mower Pros:

  • More convenient for mowing larger lawns
  • Requires less physical exertion from the operator, which makes it ideal for users with weaker muscles or heart conditions
  • Can effectively cut weeds and all types of grass
  • Easier for mowing non-level or hilly lawns
  • Can provide a simple, even cut as long as blades are properly sharpened
  • More comfortable to operate, which can mean less time needed for breaks and more efficiency on the job

Riding Mower Cons:

  • Generally more expensive than push mowers
  • Difficult to make tight turns, making fine details and edges more challenging to navigate
  • Potential danger of tipping over on steep hills
  • Requires more fuel and more expensive maintenance

As we have expressed, there is certainly a trade-off to consider when deciding which type of mower makes the most sense for your lawn. Before making any decisions, we recommend thinking long and hard about your lawn and what kind of maintenance it will require. If you’re still unsure, you can always reach out to the lawn care pros at Turf Shield. Our staff has over 40 years of experience and will do everything possible to make your lawn care project as simple and pain-free as possible. Contact Turf Shield today to speak with one of our representatives. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for more tips, news and updates.