Do Temperature Fluctuations Hurt My Plants?

Do Temperature Fluctuations Hurt My PlantsLawn care is all dependent on the season. There are certain steps you need to take during the spring, during the summer, during the fall, and during the winter to keep your grass and other plants healthy. But what happens when the temperatures swing so much that it seems as if all four seasons are happening in one week? In metro Atlanta, we’ve had our share of temperature fluctuations in the past few months, and while it seems like there is more consistency heading our way, the recent issues have left homeowners asking, “can all these temperature changes hurt my plants?”

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, they can. Each species of tree, shrub, and other plant has a certain range of temperatures it can endure without damage. This should be a factor when you first choose the types of plants you want in your yard. But even if all of your plants can withstand the typical temperatures we see in a Georgia winter, they need a period of time to adjust and essentially “brace themselves” for the cold. Normally, autumn serves this purpose.

But in the case of our recent weather, several weeks of warm, spring-like weather were followed by a sudden cold snap. Even if that colder temperature is well within a particular plant’s tolerance range, when the plant is accustomed to warmer weather and does not have time to adjust to a sudden cold snap, the lower temperatures can cause damage than they normally would.

So what can you do to protect your plants from sudden drops in temperature? It all depends on the specific plants in your yard, so our lawn care experts at Turf Shield Lawn Care can give you more direct guidance. But in the meantime, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the trees and shrubs you have are well-suited to the climate of the southeastern US.
  • If you’re expecting a sudden cold snap, cover the susceptible plants with quilts, plastic, blankets, or other items to minimize the cold.
  • If your soil is dry, consider watering your plants a day or two before the drop in temperature, because this can help the soil hold in more heat.
  • Take precautions to keep your plants healthy all year round, to help them stay stronger and potentially less sensitive to cold snaps.

For homeowners who are dedicated to having a beautiful and healthy lawn, the uncontrollable temperature can be quite a burden. But there are always measures you can take to reduce damage and hopefully keep your plants healthy and happy. To find out what you can do to have a more enjoyable lawn, schedule a consultation with Turf Shield Lawn Care.