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In Gwinnett County, we are at the southern edge of where cool-season grass can grow, which means we have a unique combination of warm and cool-season grasses. The most common turfgrass we see in Georgia are:

  • Bermuda
  • Zoysia
  • Fescue (cool season)

Because each of these grasses requires different amounts of water, sunlight, and fertilization, we offer customized programs for each of these three grass types.
Our lawn care program consists of eight visits scheduled throughout the year designed to target three main areas to keep your grass healthy and happy.

Fertilization in Georgia

Properly timed fertilization applications are vital for the overall health of your turf. Each grass requires different amounts and must be applied at certain times to be effective. Keeping your lawn healthy will help prevent weeds from being able to grow and make it harder for diseases and fungus to take hold.

Weed Control in Georgia

Weeds are a nuisance that can throw off the look of your yard. With pre-emergent weed control applications in the spring and fall, we can eliminate annoying weeds before they have the chance to germinate. This dramatically reduces the amount of weeds you will have in your yard later in the year and next. As the season progresses, we change to post-emergent weed control, which targets weeds that grow in summer. These weeds must be eliminated early before they go to seed to prevent more weeds from growing next year.

Lime Applications in Georgia

Here in Georgia, our soils are very acidic and require lime to correct the pH balance. Soil pH is measured on a scale of one to 14. Most plants do well at a pH balance between six and 7.5. When the pH balance is too low, your grass will be unable to take up fertilizer the way it should. Mosses and weeds love acidic soils and will quickly move in and overcrowd your grass if given the opportunity. With our lawn care program, we can get your soil pH back to optimal levels so your grass can thrive.

Turf Shield Knows Lawn Care

Whether you have a warm-season grass like Bermuda Grass or zoysia or have a cool-season fescue lawn, we have a program that will nurture and revitalize your yard throughout the year. From pre-emergent applications that control weeds before they germinate to ongoing fertilizing, we understand what it takes to keep your grass healthy and strong in every Atlanta season.

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We Provide Lawn Care For These Cities and More

Norcross, Georgia

Lawn Care In Norcross, GA Norcross, Georgia, is located in the transition zone due to its unique warm-season climate. Climates of the north and south meet in the transition zone. Neither warm-season grasses nor cool-season grasses grow well in this area, making it difficult to establish lush, green lawns.  It can be challenging trying to... Read more »

Gwinnett Place

Lawn Care In Gwinnett Place, GA Gwinnett Place, Georgia, is a quaint town steeped in a rich history. Situated in northern Georgia’s transition zone, the area can support both warm and cold-season grasses, making it crucial to identify the type of grass on your lawn. Unfortunately, lawn care in Gwinnett Place can be a challenging,... Read more »

Lawrenceville, GA

Keeping a yard in Lawrenceville can be challenging. Due to our experience and knowledge of the lawn problems in the area, we have been performing this service for many years. With Turf Shield, you can customize your lawn care program to meet your needs.

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