Lawn Healthy You Happy

It’s that simple & easy.

Keeping your lawn healthy isn’t just a responsibility of home ownership; it’s a matter of pride and happiness for each and every homeowner. A healthy lawn can provide your family a safe and beautiful place to play, while providing the perfect natural frame for your home and life.

By providing first-class lawn care maintenance at competitive prices, the experts at Turf Shield offer the Atlanta metro area the best possible professional lawn care experiences. Turf Shield offers an array of lawn care services that can help any lawn reach its lush, green potential including lawn treatment for a wide variety of both warm and cool season grasses, fertilizing, weed treatments, tree and shrub protection, aeration and overseeding all to help keep your grass healthy. We also offer preventative measures to fend off fire ants and other unwanted lawn pests.

We understand that every yard is different and that some require more care than others. For customers with more comprehensive lawn care needs, Turf Shield even offers lawn care packages that combine some of our most popular services to provide more thorough results for your yard.

Contact us today for in-depth information on our entire menu of lawn care services.