Lawn Care in Norcross, GA

Lawn Care Services in Norcross

Turf Shield, Inc is your go-to lawn care company in Norcross. We're a family-owned and operated business with 14 years of experience, dedicated to making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. 

Our comprehensive lawn care services in Norcross include:

  • Lawn Care: Achieve a lush, green lawn with our expert lawn service, tailored to the specific needs of your lawn.
  • Lawn Fertilization: Our customized fertilization programs nourish your grass, promoting a healthy lawn with vibrant color.
  • Weed Control: Keep your lawn weed-free with our safe and effective weed control treatments.
  • Aeration and Seeding: Enhance soil health and lawn density with our professional aeration and seeding services.
  • Lime Applications: Improve soil pH balance and nutrient uptake for a healthier lawn.
  • Lawn Disease Control: Protect your lawn from common diseases with our proactive and responsive treatment plans.
  • Fire Ant Control: Safeguard your yard from these invasive pests with our specialized fire ant control solutions.
  • Tree and Shrub Care: Maintain the health and beauty of your landscape with our comprehensive tree and shrub care services.

Why Choose Turf Shield?

Turf Shield is the best local lawn care company because we’re your neighbors, and we treat you like family. We provide customized lawn care solutions tailored to your yard's unique needs, guiding you through every step with friendly, expert advice. With us, you get personalized service, prompt responses, and a commitment to your satisfaction.

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What Our Lawn Care in Norcross Looks Like

At Turf Shield, Inc, we understand the unique needs of your lawn here in Norcross. Our environmentally friendly lawn care program is tailored to ensure your yard remains luxurious-looking for your family and friends to enjoy. 

Here’s what our lawn care in Norcross includes:

  • Thorough Lawn Inspection: Our expert lawn care technicians conduct a comprehensive assessment of your lawn, identifying any issues such as brown spots, thinning grass, or signs of disease.
  • Lawn Disease Treatment and Monitoring: We don't just treat the symptoms, we tackle lawn diseases at the source. We address the root causes of diseases to ensure a healthy lawn year-round.
  • Pre & Post Emergent Treatments: Get rid of those stubborn weeds for good with our precise pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments.
  • Lime Applications: Restore the optimal pH balance of your soil with our lime applications. By correcting acidity levels, your grass can fully absorb needed nutrients to ensure your lawn is thick and beautiful.
  • Weed Control: Our targeted weed control methods eliminate unwanted intruders, preventing them from overtaking your landscape.
  • Lawn Insect Control: Protect your lawn from damaging pests with our proactive insect control solutions.

With 14 years of expertise, Turf Shield, Inc is your trusted partner for achieving a healthy, thriving lawn. Let us be the ones to take care of your lawn so you can focus on making lasting memories with your loved ones.

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Expert Lawn Fertilization in Norcross

Are you ready to transform your lawn into the talk of the neighborhood? Discover how our expert lawn fertilization services in Norcross can give you a healthier-looking lawn and a natural reduction in weeds. Here's why choosing us for lawn fertilization in Norcross will make all the difference:

  • Full Lawn Inspection by a Local Expert: Our specialists conduct an encompassing analysis to tailor the perfect fertilization plan for your unique lawn.
  • Recurring Fertilizer Applications: We provide consistent care to ensure your lawn receives the right nutrients at the right times.
  • Greener, Healthier-Looking Grass: Watch your lawn flourish and take pride as it increases your home's curb appeal.
  • Natural Weed Reduction: Our fertilization approach strengthens your lawn, naturally getting rid of and preventing future unwanted weeds

Trust Turf Shield, Inc, one of the leading lawn fertilizer companies, to give you the incredible lawn you've always wanted. Curious to see the difference? Contact us today to schedule your first inspection and step into a future of beautiful, well-kept grass.

Weed Control in Norcross

Tired of battling persistent weeds that spoil the look of your lawn? Our comprehensive weed control in Norcross is designed to tackle even the most stubborn local weeds. With over 14 years of expertise, Turf Shield, Inc offers a specialized weed removal service that ensures your lawn stays pristine year-round. Here's how we do it:

  • Environmentally-Friendly Weed Treatments: Using EPA-approved herbicides, we will safely get rid of stubborn weeds without harming your lawn or the environment.
  • Year-Round Weed Control: Our pre-and-post emergent treatments prevent weeds from growing in the spring and fall, while our summer weed treatment will target any weeds that may have managed to sprout.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Our team continuously monitors your lawn as well as climate factors here in Norcross, adjusting treatments as needed to ensure optimal results and prevent weeds from returning.

Imagine a lawn free from the common persistent weeds. Trust Turf Shield, Inc to deliver superior weed control in Norcross and enjoy a beautiful, weed-free yard all year long. Contact us today to learn more about our service and schedule your first consultation.

Our Revitalizing Lawn Aeration Services in Norcross

Your lawn may be struggling because of compacted soil and poor nutrient absorption. Discover how our expert lawn aeration and seeding in Norcross can transform your yard. At Turf Shield, Inc, with over 14 years of experience, we provide comprehensive solutions to promote healthier turf and ensure your lawn is at its best. 

Our lawn aeration service can transform your lawn by:

  • Promoting Healthier Turf: Core aeration enhances greater rooting, allowing your grass to access deeper nutrient release for sustained growth.
  • Dethatching: By removing excess thatch, we improve airflow and water penetration, ensuring your lawn gets the vital elements it needs.
  • Showing Quick Results: Notice a visible improvement in your lawn’s health and appearance shortly after treatment.
  • Ensuring Long-Lasting Treatments: Our techniques provide enduring benefits, keeping your lawn vibrant season after season.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Norcross

We recognize that landscaping goes beyond just maintaining a lawn. Our tree and shrub care service in Norcross ensures that your ornamental trees and shrubs, including Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Hollys, and Junipers, receive the attention they deserve. With over 14 years of expertise, we offer a comprehensive program to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. 

Here’s how we can enhance your outdoor space with our tree and shrub care in Norcross:

  • Comprehensive Inspection: Our experts conduct thorough assessments to identify potential issues and tailor solutions to conquer your specific needs.
  • Seasonal Fertilization: Promote strong, healthy roots with our eco-friendly tree fertilization, customized for each season.
  • Winter Watering: Protect your plants from winter stress with our specialized watering techniques.
  • Tree Injections: Deliver targeted nutrients directly to the tree’s system for quick, effective results.
  • Fruit Sprays: Improve the health and yield of your fruit trees with our precise spraying services.
  • Tree Disease Treatment: Safeguard your trees with our proactive disease treatment options.
  • Protection from Aphids: Prevent damage from aphids and other pests with our specialized treatments.

Additional Lawn Care Solutions by Turf Shield

At Turf Shield, Inc we offer a range of specialized services to ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant all year round. Our comprehensive lawn care program addresses the unique challenges of Georgia's climate and soil conditions.

  • Fungicide Treatments: Protect your lawn from the damaging effects of common lawn diseases such as Brown spot, Dollar spot, Zoysia Patch/Large Patch, and Pythium blight with our expert fungicide treatments.
  • Lime Applications: Correct the acidic pH levels of Georgia soils, allowing your grass to absorb nutrients effectively and reducing the growth of mosses and weeds, ensuring a thriving, lush lawn.
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