Metro Atlanta Lawn Care Services Available by Turf Shield

Lawn Treatment Lawn Treatment

Turf Shield offers customized treatment programs tailored to the unique needs of our customers and their lawns. Whether you have warm season grass like Bermuda or Zoysia or a cool season Fescue lawn we have a program that will nurture and re-vitalize your yard throughout the year. From pre-emergent applications that control weeds before they germinate to ongoing fertilizing, we understand exactly what it takes to keep your grass healthy in every Atlanta season.

Trees and Shurbs Tree & Shrub

Our tree and shrub program incorporates seven applications of a unique fertilizer, pesticide, and fungicide blend that can easily be customized to each customer’s individual needs. These treatments promote healthy growth while preventing damage and disease, no matter what the season.

Aeration and Overseeding Aeration & Overseeding

To help keep your lawn healthy, we recommend incorporating an aeration treatment to help break up thatch build-up, which can prevent needed nutrients from reaching the soil, a typical cause for an unhealthy lawn. We can also help you in the event that overseeding becomes necessary in order to help stimulate new growth in established lawns.

Fire Ant Fire Ant Control

Nothing ruins the ability to enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn like fire ants, particularly in Atlanta. Turf Shield’s unique lawn pest solutions can help eliminate ants with a specific treatment to make sure your lawn is a more enjoyable place for your family to spend time throughout the year.