Duluth, Georgia

We Serve Duluth, Georgia and the Surrounding Areas

We serve Duluth, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

At Turf Shield, part of our mission is to educate the public on the different types of pests and diseases that are common to Georgia. Armed with knowledge, you can better defend your yard by being able to identify and even prevent these blights.

Common Lawn Diseases Found in Duluth, Georgia

Brown Patch Fungus
Brown patch fungus affects tall fescues and is caused by the hot, humid summers we have here in Georgia. Brown patch appears as three to 10-foot circles of dead or dying grass or as leaf lesions with tan centers and dark brown to black edges. To prevent brown patch, water early in the morning to allow enough time for your grass to dry out before nightfall.

Dollar Spot Fungus
Dollar Spot Fungus affects all turfgrass but mostly bermudagrass and zoysia. Dollar spot appears as light brown circular patterns the size of a silver dollar. The fungus prefers warm days, cool nights, and turf that is under stress. Aeration can help to improve drainage while overseeding can boost your turf’s resistance to diseases.

Pythium Blight
This disease can cause significant turf damage when daytime temperatures stay above 85° F, and humid and nighttime temperatures fall below 68° F. Symptoms include wilting and thinning, discolored roots, and a web-like substance on the blades of grass. To prevent Pythium blight, we suggest watering no more than once a week and doing so early in the day.

Common Pests Found in Duluth, Georgia

Armyworms can sometimes be mistaken for harmless caterpillars, but these insects can cause a significant amount of damage to your lawn. They get their name from the slow, methodical path they cut across your yard, eating anything green in their way. As they feed, they can cause brown patch and leave your yard vulnerable to other diseases. Luckily, armyworms don’t cause any permanent damage and can be fixed with one call to Turf Shield.

Japanese Beetles
Japanese beetles are a problem on two fronts. When they begin life as a grub underground, they feed on the roots of your grass, causing dead and bare spots in your lawn. Once they emerge as adults and gain the ability to fly, they can cover a lot more ground, turning their ravenous appetite to your ornamental trees and shrubs. After they get their fill, they retreat under your lawn to lay next year’s batch of grubs to start the process all over again. Untreated infestations can cause progressive damage each year.

Chinch Bugs 
At first glance, a yard infested with chinch bugs might look like it just needs more water. But if watering doesn’t bring it back to life, then you might want to take a closer look. Chinch bugs are tiny insects that suck the moisture out of grass blades and inject a substance that prevents water from traveling up the blades. The dead patches will grow larger as the Chinch bugs move outward. If you think your yard is infested with chinch bugs, call the pros at Turf Shield right away before too much damage is done.

Fire Ants
When fire ants move into your yard, they can construct extensive tunnel systems while feeding on the roots of your grass. Usually, the first sign of fire ants doesn’t appear until you start to see visible mounds of dirt on the top of your lawn. By this time, the colony can contain 500,000 to millions of ants and their network can cover an area the size of an acre. Unaware pets and children usually find out the hard way that fire ants have moved in. At Turf Shield, we offer a fire ant protection program to keep your yard and family safe from these painful pests.

Some of the Services We Provide in Duluth, Georgia

Additional Services

Every yard faces different problems, and we treat each yard on a case-by-case basis. That’s why we offer many more ways to keep your lawn protected from pests and disease and keep it performing at its best.

Lawn Care

Turf Shield offers customized treatment programs tailored to the unique needs of our customers and their lawns. No matter what grass type you have, we know exactly how to treat it and restore your yard to what it once was.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Program

Your ornamental trees and shrubs not only give your yard shape, provide refreshing shade in the summer, and clean the air, but they can also increase the value of your home. At Turf Shield, we protect and nourish your ornamental trees and shrubs so they can thrive.

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