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Turf Shield offers customized treatment programs tailored to the unique needs of our customers and their lawns. When it comes to Bermuda, Zoysia, and Tall Fescue grass we know exactly how to treat it and restore your yard to what it once was. Trees not only give your yard shape, provide refreshing shade in the summer, and clean the air, but they can also increase the value of your home. At Turf Shield, we protect and nourish your ornamentals so they can thrive. Every yard faces different problems, and we treat each yard on a case-by-case basis. That’s why we offer many more ways to keep your lawn protected from pests and disease and keep it performing at its best.

Greener Lawns

Is your grass looking a little dull? Are you too embarrassed to host that backyard barbecue because your grass is not as green and healthy as it could be? No matter what type of grass you have the pros at Turf Shield know what steps to take to achieve a beautiful yard. In no time at all we can have your yard ready to host parties, graduations, or whatever outdoor event you’re celebrating. We know you take great pride in your yard, that’s why we take great pride in our work.

Healthy Trees

Trees are one of the most important features of your lawn but their health is often taken for granted. Here in Georgia, there are a number of pests and diseases that can do real harm to your trees. Pests such as tent caterpillars, aphids, borers, and others can leave your trees weak and vulnerable to diseases that can
severely damage or kill your trees. Turf Shield’s 7 treatment plan is designed to keep your trees and ornamentals safe from pests and diseases while also providing the essential nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Better Service

As a locally-owned small business, Turf Shield provides affordable personalized lawn care you just won’t find in the national chains. As proud members of our community we know the area personally and we want to know our customers as well. You’re not just getting lawn care, you’re getting to know your lawn better. We help you understand what it takes to achieve and maintain a beautiful thriving yard.

We understand that every yard is different and that some require more care than others. For customers with more comprehensive lawn care needs, Turf Shield even offers lawn care packages that combine some of our most popular services to provide more thorough results for your yard.

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We Provide Turf Shield For These Cities and More

Lawrenceville, GA

Keeping a yard in Lawrenceville can be challenging. Due to our experience and knowledge of the lawn problems in the area, we have been performing this service for many years. With Turf Shield, you can customize your lawn care program to meet your needs.

Duluth, Georgia

At Turf Shield, part of our mission is to educate the public on the different types of pests and diseases that are common to Georgia. Armed with knowledge, you can better defend your yard by being able to identify and even prevent these blights.

Gwinnett Place

Lawn Care In Gwinnett Place, GA Gwinnett Place, Georgia, is a quaint town steeped in a rich history. Situated in northern Georgia’s transition zone, the area can support both warm and cold-season grasses, making it crucial to identify the type of grass on your lawn. Unfortunately, lawn care in Gwinnett Place can be a challenging,... Read more »

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